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CARA Autumn Tour Blog 2014 – The Final One!

We’re just about to perform the last Cara gig of 2014, and the autumn tour has been populated with many enjoyable gigs, friendly audiences and a whole range of literal highs and lows – both underground and at height. It’s strange how time goes; some moments in gigs, when I’m hyper aware, seem to pass […]

CARA Autumn Tour Blog 2014 – Part 3

I was laughing out loud then, and I’m still laughing inside now when I think about it: who could have foreseen a year ago (or even, a week ago!) that I would find myself gladly going into a textile free spa, and taking part in a sauna ceremony which involved being wafted with a towel, […]

CARA Autumn Tour Blog 2014 – Part 2, All That Glitters…

So, the story so far – sold out shows in Korbach and Hutten, another wonderful spa experience on a beautiful day and a lovely gig to end the first leg of the tour in Geislingen, preceded by a stop for ice cream in the sun! Its not a bad life. One sleepless night (maybe I’ve […]

CARA Autumn Tour Blog 2014 Part 1: The Final Countdown…

As I jumped into the car for what seemed like the 17th errand of the day yesterday, Europe’s Final Countdown greeted me across the airwaves from Radio 2. And indeed, its only a matter of hours before the Cara Autumn 2014 tour begins in Korbach – I’m really looking forward to it! In preparation for […]

CARA Autumn Tour Blog 2013

Day one of CARA prep! Oct 07 2013 It’s the first CARA rehearsal day before my first tour with the band! And as soon as I get my head round counting in 7/8 everything’s going to be fab!!! Flew out in the early evening last night and the view from the plane was glorious, a […]

Merry Christmas! Puntastic fun…

Merry Christmas! As promised, here are the jokes I’ve been sharing on Facebook and Twitter in the run up to Christmas. Dec 1: Two aerials met on a roof, fell in love and got married. The reception was brilliant. Dec 2: Why is there no aspirin in the jungle? Because the paracetemol. Dec 3: I’ll […]

The Burnsong Songhouse, Dumfries, December 2006

I was lucky enough to be invited by Dumfries and Galloway Arts Association to participate in the Burnsong Songhouse, getting to stay in the amazing “house on the shore” near Dumfries with the lovely people above: Emma Pollock, Karine Polwart, MC Soom T, Michael Johnston, Sushil K Dade, (Future Pilot AKA), King Creosote (Kenny Anderson) […]