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Collaboration 12 – William Crighton

30.9.22 Here’s our finished song – In The Long Run! “It’s not enough to ask the question When will these horrors cease? Boxes pile up all around us ’Til we commit to peace” Another first for this final month of the CONSEQUENCES project – William and I collaborated over Facebook Messenger! And it’s incredible that […]

Collaboration 11 – Louis Abbott

31.8.22 Here’s our finished song – Whisper Pink!  “Whisper pink, feel the ground Far away from blissful ignorance Far away from blissful…” Louis Abbott is a very busy man! In amongst his fantastic work with Admiral Fallow (who incidentally released a new EP, Electric Eyes, in May), Louis is the Creative Lead at Vox Liminis, […]

Collaboration 10 – Rachel Sermanni

31.7.22 Here’s our finished song – Ripples!  “An open door, a cup of tea I sit down and you sit with me” It was a truly lovely experience to collaborate with Rachel 🙂 We were, luckily, able to meet and collaborate in person. We began with a long catch up! Pre-pandemic, we were working together […]

Collaboration 9 – Stone

30.6.22 Here’s our finished song – I Dream! A blog will follow soon… 這是我們完成的歌—我夢見!部落格隨後就到… 1.7.22 “I dream we’re everything – no more them and us” 「我夢見我們是一體—沒有他們,沒有我們。」 This month’s collaboration is with an amazing human being and musician from Taiwan, called Stone, who is a member of the band Mayday. I was honoured to study alongside […]

Collaboration 8 – James Grant

31.5.22 Here’s our finished song – Cornerstone! It’s been a really positive learning curve for me to collaborate with singer songwriter James Grant this past month. I’ve written in a way I’ve never done before! It began with James sending me some gorgeous guitar music, which he recorded remotely. I always tend to have the […]

Collaboration 7 – Sandra Le Couteur

30.4.22 Here’s our finished song – Vent Fou! It’s been a great joy to work, remotely, with the superbly passionate French Canadian singer, Sandra Le Couteur this past month. We’ve had a couple of obstacles to overcome: language (Google Translate has been a true blessing, as I’ve forgotten much of my “high school” French…) and […]

Collaboration 6 – J-P Piirainen

31.3.22 Here’s our finished song, It Only Takes A Silence, which was written in celebration of all those people who speak out and take action against injustice. Thanks to the creative team who helped bring it to life – J-P Piirainen (guitele, vocals, programming, production), Mikey Owers (brass and backing vocals), Mattie Foulds (production) and […]

Collaboration 5 – Goodnight Louisa

28.2.22 Here’s our finished song – Fifty To One!  A huge thanks to the creative team who helped me bring it to life: Goodnight Louisa (vocals), Mattie Foulds (production, synths, drums), Kevin McGuire (bass) & Mikey Owers (brass). “the fantasy that keeps on fading” My fifth collaboration with Goodnight Louisa, “Fifty To One”, came about […]

Collaboration 4 – Dan Bettridge

31.1.22 Here’s our finished song – The Rolling Sea! I really hope you enjoy the song! A huge thanks to the creative team who helped me bring it to life: Dan Bettridge (vocals, electric guitar), Mattie Foulds (production, drums), Kevin McGuire (bass) & Mikey Owers (electric guitar). #danbettridge #kimedgar #songwritingcollaboration #consequences #treadlightly #saveourseas 26.1.22 Dan’s […]

Collaboration 3 – Boo Hewerdine

  30.12.21 Here’s our finished song – The Edge Of Shame! It was such an honour to work with Boo on this song; what was most fascinating for me was the speed at which Boo’s ideas came…I confess, for myself, most of the finding of music, and indeed, words, is a slow process. I’m sure […]