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  • Collaboration 7 – Sandra Le Couteur

    Collaboration 7 – Sandra Le Couteur

    30.4.22 Here’s our finished song – Vent Fou! It’s been a great joy to work, remotely, with the superbly passionate French Canadian singer, Sandra Le …
  • Collaboration 6 – J-P Piirainen

    Collaboration 6 – J-P Piirainen

    31.3.22 Here’s our finished song, It Only Takes A Silence, which was written in celebration of all those people who speak out and take action …
  • Collaboration 5 – Goodnight Louisa

    Collaboration 5 – Goodnight Louisa

    28.2.22 Here’s our finished song – Fifty To One!  A huge thanks to the creative team who helped me bring it to life: Goodnight Louisa …

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