Collaboration 12 – William Crighton


Here’s our finished song – In The Long Run!

“It’s not enough to ask the question

When will these horrors cease?

Boxes pile up all around us

’Til we commit to peace”

Another first for this final month of the CONSEQUENCES project – William and I collaborated over Facebook Messenger! And it’s incredible that we managed to pull it off, considering that William was touring Europe at the time…

I have deeply admired the passion and the political content in William’s work, which you can get to know yourself here: William and I had talked about ideas of refuge and compassion in advance by email, which led to us exchanging some lyrical ideas around the impact of war on the most vulnerable in our society. Having accidentally missed William’s best window of opportunity for collaborating earlier in the year, I’m extremely grateful that he was still up for the collaboration, even though it meant him recording ideas (like the lyrics and melody of the refrain!) into his phone, straight after coming off stage at a festival!

A huge thank you to the talented creative team who helped bring the song to life in this recording, and with whom it’s been a delight to work with over the course of the project  – to Mattie Foulds (drums, production), Kevin McGuire (bass) and Mikey Owers (vocals, brass).

It’s maybe not the upbeat way some might want to finish an album, but it feels right to me that we’re acknowledging  the reality and the horror of what’s happening across the world right now. Nevertheless, I’m pleased to end the album on an offer of warmth and comfort – something that those of us lucky enough to be in a position of privilege can choose to give others.

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My twelfth and final songwriting collaborator in the Creative Scotland supported CONSEQUENCES project is William Crighton whose powerful work I had the luck to discover through Global Music Match. By the end of the month, all being well, we’ll be sharing a recording of our song! I’ll also write a wee blog about the experience.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to support the project by pre-ordering the CD of the album for delivery in October 2022, you can do so here:

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