Collaboration 10 – Rachel Sermanni


Here’s our finished song – Ripples

“An open door, a cup of tea

I sit down and you sit with me”

It was a truly lovely experience to collaborate with Rachel 🙂

We were, luckily, able to meet and collaborate in person. We began with a long catch up! Pre-pandemic, we were working together on a weekly basis at The BIG Project, supporting young songwriters and musicians there – we had a lot of catching up to do…

That catching up informed our writing, in the end. We spoke about the value in being listened to, and the ripple effect that can happen when you feel heard, feel seen. And how sometimes, listening is enough – indeed, is all that is required. Not trying to fix things, not trying to find a positive. Just listening.

“A space to hold

To let unfold”

It’s a small song, in many ways, but that’s what we wanted. We wanted the song to do what it said, and provide a moment for listening. What I especially love about it is the ease and simplicity of (most of) the harmonies, Rachel’s lovely turns of phrase (both in conversation and in songwriting) and how the song now reminds me of that relaxing, peaceful day we spent together in the making of it.

A huge thank you to the talented creative team who helped bring the song to life in this recording – to Rachel herself, for contributing her beautiful vocals and guitar playing, as well as some inspired arrangement ideas in the studio, and to Mattie Foulds (drums, production), Kevin McGuire (bass) and Mikey Owers (brass). I hope you enjoy the song!

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My tenth songwriting collaborator in the Creative Scotland supported CONSEQUENCES project is Rachel Sermanni. Some of you may have noticed Rachel’s beautiful voice on my last album, HELD – during lockdown, Rachel (and Karine Polwart) kindly recorded vocals remotely for me, which gave me a lovely buzz of group harmonising at a time when that wasn’t possible in person…it felt like a hug.

I’ve also been really lucky to work (pre-pandemic) alongside Rachel delivering music making opportunities for children and young people at The BIG Project in Broomhouse, a deprived area of Edinburgh.

When I approached Rachel for this project, she mentioned that she hadn’t done that much collaborating in the past, but I’ve seen her collaborating with children and young people to make powerful, meaningful songs from their experiences, and so I was thoroughly delighted that she was up for collaborating with me for this project 🙂

By the end of the month, all being well, we’ll be sharing a recording of our song! I’ll also write a wee blog about the experience.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to support the project by pre-ordering the CD of the album for delivery in October 2022, you can do so here:

Thanks for all your support!