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Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy listening to my songs and finding out a wee bit more about my music – if there’s anything I can do for you, just ask.

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Kim smiley

14 Jan 2017 - CARA - Germering
Cobbler's Irish Pub Schusterhäusl 1 D-82110 Germering

15 Jan 2017 - CARA - Ingolstadt
Kulturzentrum neun Elisabethstraße 9a D-85051 Ingolstadt

16 Jan 2017 - CARA - Ansbach
Ansbacher Kammerspiele Maximilianstrasse 29 D-91522 Ansbach

17 Jan 2017 - CARA - Augsburg
Parktheater im Kurhaus Göggingen Klausenberg 6 D-86199 Augsburg

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