Held by Kim Edgar

HELD: Release Date 11.12.20

I’m very excited to announce that my new album, Held, will be released on 11th December, 2020. I’m so looking forward to sharing the songs with you!

Why “Held”? Well, I’m finding it’s hard not to be able to touch people we care about; it’s often how we embody love, compassion and friendship. We currently demonstrate care for others by keeping our distance, despite the fact that now, more than ever, people may need, or want, to be held. So with this album, I have tried to create a musical hug. In the scheme of things, it’s a very small offering, but I’m grateful that music can still give us a sense of connection – and it’s what I have to give!

I thoroughly enjoyed making this album with producer and drummer, Mattie Foulds. We made socially distanced recordings at Castlesound Studios with Kevin McGuire (bass), Su-a Lee (cello), Fergus Kerr (French horn), and my nieces and nephew (backing vocals!) with remote input from the magical Mikey Owers on brass, guitars, synths and backing vocals. I was also delighted that through remote recordings during lockdown, I was able to share the vocals in some songs with two of my favourite Scottish songwriters: Karine Polwart and Rachel Sermanni. Finally, Eva Giovannini was wonderful in helping me to realise my vision for the album artwork. I’m grateful to them all!

I hope the album might reach out to you, like a hug.