CARA Autumn Tour Blog 2014 – Part 2, All That Glitters…

So, the story so far – sold out shows in Korbach and Hutten, another wonderful spa experience on a beautiful day and a lovely gig to end the first leg of the tour in Geislingen, preceded by a stop for ice cream in the sun! Its not a bad life. One sleepless night (maybe I’ve a bit too much adrenaline, or maybe I had too much cola before bed last night?) has now been more than made up for with a relaxing off day.

Touring with Cara is always a learning experience for me, and not only in musical terms – here are just a few of the things I’ve learnt so far:

From Steffen and Juergen: how to open a bottle without a bottle opener!

From Rolf: you can even open a bottle with folded paper (well, Rolf can; I’ve still got to learn that bit…)

From Gudrun and Juergen: there are very many words in German for different types of shop sales – and the name for a sewing machine shop has got to be the longest real word Ive ever seen – nahmaschinefachgeschft, if I remember correctly.

From Hendrik: my pronunciation of the few phrases I’ve learnt in German seems to be pretty good!

If I keep learning at this rate, I’ll be a genius by the end of the tour 😉

I’ve also learned that I love stone people, which were among many interesting sculptures around the grounds of our gig in Hutten, and that Taps (Day Is Done) can be convincingly performed using a trumpet mouthpiece and a length of garden hose.

And finally, all that glitters is not gold, but it is very good fun to stay in a gold themed hotel, particularly in a group where you can compare (and even swap!) rooms – it felt like some kind of school trip…here’s a panorama shot of my room, complete with hammock, which Hendrik kindly took for me. I think mine was Aztec…see you further on down the road!